What is Unit Masters program and how does it work?

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5 min readNov 2, 2020


Welcome to our first cohort of pioneer participants for our 6 weeks structured entrepreneurship venture! Watch our little Introduction Video to the Why and What of our Program.

Unit Masters program is designed in a way that you spend 3 hours of time to understand the key features of the economy of the future, and build your own business while also improving your well-being. Here is how it works:

Masters Program Content: The Unit Masters Program has 3 key elements. These are:

  1. Course Modules: Deep Dives & Daily Micro-Exercises

Deep Dives. There are 6 integral course modules, and each day you will cover two of them in depth, that is — you invest 60 minutes per module to learn more about fundamental concepts (pre-recorded videos, readings) & transfer that concept into your own business (exercises).

The link to the course material will be sent out each week via the Telegram Unit Masters Announcement Channel.

Week plan for Deep Dive Sessions (2 hour per day in total):

Monday & Thursday: New Economy & Community (Events & Networking)

Tuesday & Friday: Entrepreneurship Foundations & Branding

Wednesday & Saturday: Scaling (Growth) & Well-Being

Sunday: Lazy Day — do whatever makes your soul shine! :)

Micro-Exercises. In addition, each day you will spend 30 minutes to do micro-exercises for each of the 6 modules (5 minutes per module). This shall help you get into the habit of doing things consistently. It’s built on the mathematical understanding that 1% improvement per day is 37x improvement over the year.

Watch some of our Unit Masters Module introduction videos here:

Intro Unit Masters Module Branding:

Intro Unit Masters Module Well-Being:

2. Live Events with mentor speakers.

We have two interactive Zoom sessions with mentors each week. These sessions are for us to learn from what has worked well for these entrepreneurs to get to where they are today, and which concepts have really impacted their lives.

These are scheduled on Tuesdays (10–11am UTC) and Thursdays (4–5pm UTC). We share the Zoom links via our Telegram Announcement Channel. You can ask any questions you like. We record the sessions and we will live-stream them via our Unit YouTube Channel. You are warmly invited to share the stream link with your friends.

Mentor Speaker list for our Unit Masters Cohort 1:

Week 1: Ryan Allis & Constantin Malik

1-min-sharing from Ryan Alls, CEO of Hive Global to Unit Entrepreneurs:

Week 2: Jason Swamy & Stefan Joergensen

Week 3: Yousef AlMulla & Michele Nevarez

Week 4: Eithan Ephrati & Daniel Kolibri

Week 5: Alicia Navarro & Michael Norman

Week 6: James Tamplin & Anthony Paul Smith

3. Self-Organized 30 min Group Reflection Sessions.

You have a total of 3 sessions of 30 minutes networking per week — self -organized by you within your peer groups of 5 — to get to know each other and support each other through the growth journey. We will re-shuffle the groups after 2 weeks so you will at the end of the program have participated in 3 groups, meeting 12 other entrepreneurs in depth in 6 weeks.

While you are free to organize the 30 minutes as per your preferences, here are some principles we encourage you to follow:

  1. Give each person a voice and equal space to shine. Make sure that each peer group member has equal space to share about what is relevant to them. It helps to, e.g., time box each sharing to x minutes. Sharings can be either about relevant business challenges or anything that is challenging from a personal growth perspective.
  2. Listen to understand, not to answer. Often, we are trapped in the need to “confirm” or show how much we agree with the other person, interrupting them or starting to share our own experiences to underline what the other person said. Try — for the purpose of listening, to refrain from this and just give full attention to the speaker. It’s going to be your turn soon.
  3. Use the time to learn with, through and form each other. There is no need to “sell” ourselves and our services to the others. The purpose of this group reflection is to help each other grow, and this includes learning together and through each other’s sharing. The more authentic you are, the easier it is to connect in a short time period, making the group sessions more effective.
  4. Feedback in a feedforward way. Share your feedback only if asked for it. When you share feedback, try to speak from your own perspective: 1. What did you hear, 2. What effect did it have on you?, 3. What would have helped you better understand the idea/challenge or attract you more to it?

Communications: We use Telegram as main communication channel.

There are three Telegram channels you need to know. You should have received the links to the groups in your confirmation e-mail.

  1. Unit Masters 1 Group. This is an interactive group, you can chat and connect with other participants and exchange what is on your heart, on your mind. Please be mindful that each message gets spread to all participants — let’s keep our communications clean and relevant. You can always connect directly with other participants in 1:1 conversations.
  2. Unit Masters Announcement Channel. This is our official announcement channels. We will push out important links, updates, events via this channel. Please make sure you are subscribed to this channel.
  3. Unit Masters 1 Group X. To help you connect with peers and exchange best practices, challenges, and just to know you’re not alone in this exciting adventure, we match you with 4 different participants from the program. This is your group to plan your self-organized group reflection sessions.

Every Friday is Feedback Friday. We will send you a short reflection survey. Please take your time to fill this diligently, so we can — week by week, fine tune the program thanks to your contribution!

Anything else — feel free to reach out to Unit Team members directly. For content-specific feedback, reach out to:

Future Economy: Michael
Community (Events & Networking): Sascha
Entrepreneurship Foundations: Jonas
Business Scaling: Kat & Vamsi
Branding: Stelios & Sam
Well-Being: Yip & Ann

We are happy that you are with us. Stay safe, stay healthy, and live a meaningful live.

Team Unit.