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4 min readNov 9, 2022

Welcome Unit Network Community to the official weekly newsletter! This is designed to help keep you guys updated on the latest progress made within some of our teams. We are pleased to announce the following:


Our Unit team hosted the Web3 Media Brunch. Web3 leaders and top minds in the blockchain industry came together in conversation about women’s and media’s role in the economy. All participants who registered for Unit Network are receiving a UNIT Token airdrop.

[ Memories from our Women in Media Brunch in Lisbon on October 31st ]

More than 100 women hackers and creators joined one another in Lisbon to build the future of blockchain, NFT, and Web3 at the first-ever Women’s Hackathon Conference. This was an event encouraging women to participate in building communities, projects, and products that solve real-world problems. Additionally, showcasing women’s empowerment, and inspiring others to join in helping grow a strong, robust Web3 Community!

Unit team members were also present at the Lugano Plan ₿ Forum. This conference brought together world leaders, technologists, and entrepreneurs to discuss nation-state Bitcoin adoption, economics, financial freedom, and freedom of speech.


During week 3 of Unit Network’s Tokenization Accelerator program, there were over 70 projects that joined, and are currently in the process of tokenizing. For week 3, the topic was #communitymanagement with Olumide Gbenro NFT Advisor -a sought-after NFT advisor known for being super connected in the industry with access to world-class artists, #Web3 developers, and the best influencers in the space. His agency No Rug Agency has helped clients generate over 10 million dollars in revenue last year. He has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and recently on CNBC to over 1 million viewers in their exclusive series “CNBC Make It.”

About this program:

As Web3 adoption picks up so are entrepreneurs & business owners asking the fundamental question of how best to model a business in the Web3 world. What better way to do it than in the community, sharing learnings, developing, and building together? The unit ventures verticals are committed to bringing on board the best mentors in the world of Web3 who have tried and tested to build sustainable, impactful & profitable Web3 business models themselves. Unit Ventures serves as a catalyst for Unit Network’s overarching vision to pave the way for a fairer future economy through cooperative ownership and decentralized governance models.

Ventures’ Token Accelerator 6-week Program is designed to be a launchpad to help promote and propel people and projects. The course is free of charge to join and only requires an investment of your time, involving 3–4 hours a week. Unit Ventures’ accelerator will help you create your token and manage your community using Unit Network’s L1 blockchain and platform. Throughout every week, there is one Speaker Session and one Token mastermind. A Speaker session is where an expert lectures attendees; meanwhile, the mastermind is a more hands-on, interactive session where attendees ask questions, read case studies and have some of their questions answered.


Thursday for our Unit Masters, November 3rd, attendees gathered in the Unit Masters Twitter space to listen about the topic of Black and Latina Women in Blockchain-The Role of Blockchain Education. Further, Unit Masters welcomed Cohort 12, Week 6 Speaker Michael Healy, Unit Co-Founder. This session topic was “Unit Driven Token Economy.” Participants learned how Unit Network is enabling the Token Economy. The talk given is a part of our Unit Masters free 6-Week Program for Blockchain Fundamentals. Enrollment has begun for Unit Masters, with Cohort 13 starting on November 20th, apply now.

About Unit Masters:

Unit Masters is paving the way for creating a more inclusive and fair economy through equal opportunities and open communities, for all. And you can be a part of it. Connect with crypto enthusiasts from across the globe. Learn with the best. From the best. With live speakers. Receive a certificate of completion upon successful completion of the 6 weeks Unit Masters Program.

Unit Network

Unit Network is building the Token Economy of the future, with billions of tokens to represent the whole world on a blockchain. Unit envisions a mission of solving Wealth Inequity and Sustainable Development Goals and promotes diversity and creativity within the community. We welcome you to the new social economy where your friends, biggest fans, and financial supporters can join you and your mission. We hope to see you join and be a part of this exponentially growing network.