The Token Accelerator program

Unit Network
2 min readOct 13, 2022

Unit Network Community, we are excited to announce the launching of the Token Accelerator program beginning on the 19th of October, 2022! The course is free of charge to join and only requires an investment of your time, involving 3–4 hours a week. Unit Ventures’ accelerator will help you create your token and manage your community using Unit Network’s L1 blockchain and platform. During the program project, owners learn to make their token economy. You’ll work in mastermind groups on a six weeks program to go from zero to having your token ready to launch and create value for you & your community!

Throughout every week, there is one Speaker Session and one Token mastermind. A Speaker session is where an expert lectures attendees; meanwhile, the mastermind is a more hands-on, interactive session where attendees ask questions, read case studies and have some of their questions answered. Please note there are tasks to complete outside of the meetings as well.

On day 1 of this program, you’ll mint your token and then build up your own customised tokenization strategy each week. Expert mentors will guide participants on topics such as Business Modeling in Web3, Leadership, Community & Values, Fundraising, Jurisdiction, Taxation, and Tokenomics.

After completion of the Unit Token Accelerator program, you will be more ready for the emerging token economy than the majority of your peers! Register here to receive confirmation within 48hrs of your place in this game-changing program. Feel free to invite your friends to sign up too. For more information about the Token Ventures’ Accelerator program, click here.

Unit envisions a mission of solving Wealth Inequity and Sustainable Development Goals and promotes diversity and creativity within the community. We welcome you to the new social economy where your friends, biggest fans, and financial supporters can join you and your mission. We hope to see you join and be a part of this exponentially growing network.