#PolkadotDecoded is back for its third edition on June 29th and 30th, 2022, with a fully hybrid experience of online and in-person events. Unit Network the easy to use technology built on Polkadot will be there to bridge web3 to real bussinesses.

About Unit Network

Unit Network is a layer 1 blockchain built using the Substrate framework by Parity Technologies / Web3 Foundation. It provides the technological and economic infrastructure for mainstream adoption of the Token Economy — a near-future in which millions of tokens fuel borderless economies to power the globe. As a free, simple, and secure pathway for businesses, it allows projects and individuals to create their tokens, also known as ‘community’ or ‘social’ tokens. Anyone in the world can now participate in and benefit from all token-based economies they have helped to build, a new paradigm of crowdfunding and shared ownership.

Polkadot World Forum

The next Polkadot event will be hosted by Unit Network.

This online event will promote Web3 and blockchain-related topics to our global audience of entrepreneurs, investors, business partners, crypto enthusiasts, and more. It will be an opportunity to celebrate achievements and present new technological innovations. The event is free of charge for all participants.



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