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#PolkadotDecoded is back for its third edition on June 29th and 30th, 2022, with a fully hybrid experience of online and in-person events.

#PolkadotDecoded is back for its third edition on June 29th and 30th, 2022, with a fully hybrid experience of online and in-person events. Unit Network the easy to use technology built on Polkadot will be there to bridge web3 to real bussinesses.

In the spirit of decentralization and the internet revolution, this year’s upcoming 2022 Polkadot Decoded will take place across four major cities spanning several continents from the 29th to the 30th of June, the live conferences will be held in Berlin, Buenos Aires, Hangzhou, and New York. All talks in the official locations will be live-streamed for non-attendees to watch online.

Polkadot is an open-source blockchain platform and cryptocurrency that provides interconnectivity and interoperability between blockchains. This is its third-year edition with a full hybrid experience of online and in-person events. All attendees can look forward to learning from over 85 innovators in the Polkadot ecosystem exploring the biggest topics in blockchains, DeFi, NFTs, and much more.

Unlike other events, this conference is for the Polkadot community, featuring talks and workshops on all things Polkadot. This year’s program features keynotes from ecosystem pioneers; high-level talks to technical deep-dives, project lightning pitches, and workshops. Also, all speakers get to talk on stage in front of a live audience.

In addition to lots of interesting information, 50,000 attendees will be given a special NFT to commemorate their attendance. Further, the Unit team will be present across the four locations of the summit to connect with the innovators and trailblazers of the Polkadot Ecosystem. Attending Polkadot Decoded are Maíra Santos in Buenos Aires, Thy-Diep Ta (Yip) in Berlin, Michael Healy in New York, and Joe Rotondi in Hangzhou among other Unit team members and community. Subsequently, Unit Network cofounder — Michael Healy will give a talk alongside Gavin Wood — Founder and CEO of Polkadot, and co-founder of Ethereum, Adam Carver — CEO of Bitgreen, Derek Yoo — CEO of Purestakeco, and Yubo Ruan — Founder of Parallel Finance.

In this Session, Michael Healy, cofounder at Unit Network lays out the opportunities that the token economy holds to solve the global wealth inequity gap: Extreme Wealth Inequity: How the Token Economy Solves This.

Tune in for Michael’s session, on June 29th at 2:50 PM Eastern | 6:50 PM UTC

Here are the major agendas that will be highlighted at the conference:


Main Stage: Bertrand Perez Keynote, Browser-embedded light clients: how we’re bringing Polkadot to the masses, Experience Proof-of-personhood, Subsquid: Data Indexing in the Multichain World, Recommending validators using an active learning algorithm, Acala — a DeFi hub on Polkadot, DigitalArt4Climate: All Of Society Action For Climate Empowerment With The Power of Blockchain Technology, How Integritee’s technology can help gaming projects to evolve, The Open, Decentralized Metaverse as Crossroads Of Polkadot Interoperability, The Google of Web3 on Polkadot, Traverse the Paraverse: How Talisman is bringing multi-chain to the masses, Evolving Decentralized Governance with Futarchy, How XBI Standardizes XCM Protocol For Vastly Greater Usability, Network State for the Digital Economy, POLKAOSCARS.

Junior Stage: Kusama Use Cases For Your Home, DeFi Across parachains: How To Integrate and Collaborate, Building dApps on Polkadot’s EVM Solutions, How To Write Upgradable Contracts in ink, Sponsoring Palette — The Gateway To Mass Adoption, Building with XCVM, XCM Workshop, The Decentralized Community of Polkadot.

New York

Main Stage: Less Trust More Truth: Centralized truth vs Decentralized truth, XCM — The Backbone Of A Multichain Future, Polkadot: The Platform for Decentralized Sustainability, Multi-Chain Use Cases on Moonbeam, Gavin Wood Keynote — Streamed, Unlocking the power of XCM with Moonwell, The Future of Polkadot DeFi, Manta: Building Privacy Layer for Web 3 Using Substrate, Can Web3 combat the secret financial police? OAK: Enabling Event-Driven Execution With XCM, How Credentials and Private Data Bridges Will Unlock Mass Adoption on Polkadot, Exploring the Polkadot Ecosystem from a VC’s Perspective, Gavin Wood Keynote.

Junior Stage: Writing Smart Contracts with ink!: What’s Next After Flipper?, Build a Tornado. cash Style Zero-Knowledge IOU on Substrate in 45 mins, Connecting the Polkadot and EVM Ecosystems, Build a Verifier with KILT Protocol’s JS-SDK, Multi-Chain, Off-Chain, & No Chain — Skynet Storage Substrate for Runtimes and Frontends, Use Rust to write Ethereum smart contracts for Substrate, Get Your Parachain Production Ready, Gossamer: A Technical Overview and Demo.

Buenos Aires

Main Stage: Crypto in LATAM, Square One, What is the Real Opportunity for Society in Web3 Social?, Code Like a Human… Test Like a Zombie, Moonbeam en un Ecosistema Interoperable Como Polkadot, Communities in DotSama, Open Social Graphs With Subsocial, The Future of NFTs is Immersive and Social, Smart Home on Web3 Cloud, Join the Force to Decentralize Web3 Infrastructure, Women in Web3, Adoption of Polkadot in the enterprise sector, Security Panel, Polkadot in Latin America, Project Liberty, CESS — A Decentralized Storage Protocol for Large-Scale Commercialization, Substrate Introduction, Meaningful Testnets, Browser-embedded light clients: how we’re bringing Polkadot to the masses, Building the ultimate UI/UX experience for Substrate native cross-chain Defi applications.


Main Stage: Polkadot in the Asian Market, Web3 in Asia, Substrate Design Pattern, Moonbeam: A Fully Ethereum-Compatible Environment on Polkadot, New order of personal data usage in Web3, The future trend and development about metaverse and GameFi in Polkadot, Next-Generation NFTs on Polkadot, Market-Based Adjusting Cross-Chain Fee System, Substrate Evolution and Latest Progress, How will Web3.0 be massively adopted in the mainstream world, What are Polkadot’s groundbreaking innovations and how do they lead to the development of blockchain technology?, DotSama House Winners’ DEMO DAY, DOTSAMA NFT Collectors in China, Explore what’s happening in the Substrate ecosystem with Subscan, How to contribute to the Polkadot ecosystem, NFT Fair; Every NFT Journey Begins with Fairness.

Polkadot Encoded is an event where the Polkadot community and other crypto enthusiasts meet to watch talks, attend interactive workshops, and learn from people building on Substrate and Polkadot.

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About Unit Network

Unit Network is a layer 1 blockchain built using the Substrate framework by Parity Technologies / Web3 Foundation. It provides the technological and economic infrastructure for mainstream adoption of the Token Economy — a near-future in which millions of tokens fuel borderless economies to power the globe. As a free, simple, and secure pathway for businesses, it allows projects and individuals to create their tokens, also known as ‘community’ or ‘social’ tokens. Anyone in the world can now participate in and benefit from all token-based economies they have helped to build, a new paradigm of crowdfunding and shared ownership.

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Polkadot World Forum

The next Polkadot event will be hosted by Unit Network.

This online event will promote Web3 and blockchain-related topics to our global audience of entrepreneurs, investors, business partners, crypto enthusiasts, and more. It will be an opportunity to celebrate achievements and present new technological innovations. The event is free of charge for all participants.

The themes being covered include Crypto & Blockchain community, Tech Startups & Business networks, Digital Communities, Governance & Legal frameworks.

Share your project and tech insights with an international audience. Participate in exclusive networking sessions!

Polkadot Forum is on July 9th 2022 from 10:00 am — 6:00 pm UTC you can sign up here:

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