NFT.NYC: The Leading Annual Non-fungible Token Event

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4 min readJun 21, 2022


NFT is, without a doubt, a renowned cryptographic token that is rapidly growing into a multibillion-dollar industry in its own right. The annual 2022 NFT.NYC event is set to be held in New York from the 20th to the 23rd of June. The conference is expected to take place alongside the ApeFest; events and parties will be held before and after the conference. With about 1,500 leading speakers in attendance, you can look forward to meeting and learning from the world’s best builders and NFT thought leaders.

Contrary to other events, this conference covers all aspects of NFT diversity. There are over 16 different topic tracks with content geared toward every cryptocurrency enthusiast — also newly incorporated NYC.NFT “Unconference” will be introduced, with each speaker having a 10-minute speech duration. It is the largest and leading NFT conference in the world. Sponsored by Polygon Studio (the home for all NFT, Gaming, and Metaverse projects on the Polygon protocol) and Moonpay (a fast and simple way to buy and sell crypto), NFT.NYC is one of the major events of the year.

With over 12,000 attendees, the event will be covered by Radio City Music Hall and major media groups, such as the New York Times, Times Square, Coindesk, and others. As well, members of The UNIT team will be there to welcome and connect with the NFT community. Attending NFT.NYC are Thy-Diep Ta (Yip), Michael Healy, Joe Rotondi, Katia Miroshnikova, Shelton Beascochea, Chad Skeers, Thorne Davis, Maia Zennie, and Sam Arn.

Here are the Major Highlights that will be presented at the festival:

  • Sports: Disrupting the Fan Experience, Athletes in NFTs, Teams, and Leagues in NFTs, University Athletics, Olympians and NFTs, and eSports.
  • Brands: NFT Platforms, NFT Brand Case Studies, How to Build a Brand around your NFTs, How to socialize an NFT campaign internally, Utility NFTs, Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, onboarding, and community management.
  • Music: Record Labels, Independent Artists, Music NFTs And Fan Engagement.
  • Art: Photography, Comics, Generative Art, NFT Art Curation, NFT Galleries, Poetry, and Literature.
  • Blockchains: EVM vs. Non-EVM, Interoperability between Chains, What are the Best NFT Blockchains, Smart Contracts.
  • Films: Studios, NFT TV, NFTs in Hollywood, Bridging Web3 & Mainstream Media.
  • Fashion: Physical NFTs, Utility NFTs in Fashion, Digital Wearable in the metaverse, Luxury Fashion, and Art.
  • Gaming: Play to Earn, Trends in the NFT Gaming Space, Gaming Communities, Cross-Platform Gaming NFT.
  • DAOs: How to register a DAO, How to build a successful DAO, Voting Rights, DAOs, and NFTs.
  • Legal & Accounting: NFTs and IP Management, Regulatory Risk, Taxes & NFTs, NFT Licensing and NFT Patents, Fraud and Pitfalls, Copyrights and Royal Rights
  • Social: NFTs for Good, NFT Story Telling, Mainstream Media, Empowering Women in NFTs, NFTs Across Generation.
  • NFT for Good: Sustainability, Mental health, and wellness, Philanthropic NFTs.
  • Developer: Bots, Hackers & Cyber Attacks, Customising smart contracts, NFT White Hat Hackers, and Reducing Gas Cost.
  • Investment: Investing in NFTs, NFTs as an Asset Class, Achieving ROI, NFTs in DeFi, Real Estate, and NFTs.
  • Ticketing: Sports events, Music festivals and concerts, Conferences.
  • Future: Digital Identity, Next-Gen NFTs (Cookies, data, and beyond), NFTs in Medicine, Tokenomics of NFT projects, and ZK Rollups.

Are you an attendee?

Would you love to know more about NFTs?

This video comprises all the information you need. It’s a dialogue session with Georg Bak, a consultant in the Art Industry, for the Unit Masters program, on the topic “MAPPING THE LANDSCAPE OF BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY AND ART.” Georg described NFT as an amazing game-changer in the Art World and how blockchain technology allows conceptual artworks that are physical, one of which includes the famous planetoid artwork by Primavera de Felipe. By watching, you will understand the full concept of the early introduction of NFTs, successful NFT projects, metaverse, and the current NFT trends. It’s a total package you don’t want to miss.

The NFT.NYC conference is an event to meet people in the crypto space, from beginners to OGs. It is the first major NFT conference held in New York. More importantly, crypto enthusiasts worldwide will be in attendance; it is a great way to connect with the NFT community. Attendees will be able to explore the world of Non-fungible tokens and get new ideas for evolution in the space, including art, music, blockchain, film, etc.

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